Matchstick Alliance Let’s start.

Your entrepreneurial idea is a matchstick.

It contains the potential to set the world on fire. Yet, without the right conditions, it could also quickly flame out, or never ignite at all.

Enter Matchstick Alliance. We’re a group of proven, top-tier service partners, who work together to help Wichita entrepreneurs. We surround your idea with the right conditions, the right friction, to confidently strike against. Not to mention, the market expertise and logistical support to help feed and maintain that flame. Until it becomes the roaring bonfire you envision.

Who is the Matchstick Alliance?

Our adjunct services include a list of world-class services. All offered with creative and flexible payment options that a startup can afford.

Foulston Siefkin LLP Legal Services
AGH CPAs & Advisors Financial Forecasting and Accounting
Gardner Design Marketing and Branding Services